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Your advantages with our products

Wood needs effective protection against parasites and wood discolouration by fungus and mould.

On time surface treated wood is still after long-term storage, processing or during its way across the Atlantic without any infestation.

The protective treatment should be done right after the cutting of the wood. If the wood is already attacked the protective effect will not be reached any more. Therefore the effective process is only the automatically impregnation of the wood.

Since 1993 REU Matthias Hubel GmbH develops, produces and sales machineries for surface protection of solid wood especially tailored to the individual requirements of the customers.

Right out of the customers' visions and requirements we develop realizable solutions in closely cooperation with the customer.

All REU-machineries are fitted up with specially tested materials which have proven themselves worth many times in practice. It ensures a failure-free operation.